Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hakka Black Dumpling - Chu Yup Barn

~ Sweet glutenous rice dumpling made with blended leaves of the Chu plant that gave it a unique taste and aroma like no other. It also gives this dumpling its natural rich dark green colour.

This traditional Hakka delicacy is also heading towards extinction, even in the morning markets of South-East Asia where it was once commonly sold by street vendors.

Often eat at breakfast or as a snack for morning tea. This dumpling brought back many fond memories of my granny who used to buy them for me on her ritualistic green grocery shopping every morning.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hakka Zhar Joo Nyuk

~ Deep fried semi-lean pork pieces, braised with giant wood-ear and Lam Yuee (red soy bean paste  - bottle in background) 

This is another traditional food of my ancestors, going back a thousand years or more. In bygone days it was often served at banquets and special occasions like birthdays and weddings. These days, you might find it on the menu of restaurants and street cafes, commonly accompanied by egg noodles (kon-low style).